IFA ending, Rapoo leading a new trend in peripherals again

The annual IFA Electronics Show closed on September 6, 2017. During the six-day exhibition, scientific and technical corporation around the world gathered to show the newest products and technical achievements for consumers together.

The Chinese science and technology corporations are a force not to be definitely ignored in this IFA exhibition. The tech companies, represented by Lenovo, Hisense, and Rapoo, etc. Compete for the IFA, showing the new strength of “intelligence” to consumers around the world. In the high-profile PC field, the representative of the new Chinese goods, Rapoo is present at this exhibition with a lot of star products. Its innovative quality and strong performance are confirmed by abroad players. The booth of Rapoo was extremely popular.

Three new products are the most popular in this IFA, which were published in the first half year, told by the principle of the overseas European region of Rapoo. They are office wireless mouse 3500PRO, high-end office wireless mouse MT750 and Rapoo backlit game mechanical keyboard V700RGB alloy version. The above three products represent the continuous work hard and exploitation of Rapoo in the fields of fashion office, high-end office and game peripherals.

3500PRO is a fashion wireless office mouse published by Rapoo in Mar. 2017. Compared with other normal mouses, this mouse is characterized by the fabrics material selected on its surface. This innovative selection of the material makes 3500PRO outstanding in all mouse with a full fashion sense. The jumpstarting of 3500PRO not only breaks the cliché design language of the wireless mouse, but also makes consumers realize that mouse is not only an office tool, but also a symbol of fashion. 3500PRO has a high popularity in this IFA exhibition. The consulting and testers are in an endless stream. Its fashion appearance and excellent holding sense were recognized and highly praised by abroad customers.

The game peripherals are always the focus of most players. As a domestic leader of the game peripherals, Rapoo brings its new product in this V series, alloy version V700RGB backlit game mechanical keyboard to show. As one version of the RGB backlit mechanical keyboard, the main selling is the mode of various color lights. The alloy version V700RGB supports 12 light modes under the non- office mode, while it supports 17 light modes under the mode of game. And it supports the light setting independently with one bond with custom individuation light. Not only does the glaring light attract the attraction, but also its z-ornament is representative work of v-series of Rapoo.

In addition to the 3500PRO, the competitive product, MT750, Rapoo working hard to publish, for high-end office field also gained a high attraction.

The wireless office products are often faced with two problems before the MT750 puts on the market. Wherein, the first problem is that wireless mouses are not able to fit in equipment; the second problem is that the transition among various equipment of mouse is very tedious. Rapoo initially deploys three wireless connection modes and multidevice financing to solve these two problems. The MT750 wireless mouse supports the 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0, and it has a more extensive adaptive equipment. At the same time, consumers can shift among four equipment at most with a free operation and control. The solution of these two office difficulties makes MT750 become one edged tool in the office. The superexcellent workmanship and cost performance show the sincerity of MT750 to the greatest extent.

IFA is the biggest exhibition of consumers electronics exhibition in the world, and is a perfect stage for science-and-technology enterprises to entering the global market. As one of the best leading brand in the peripheral field, Rapoo has continually shown in the IFA and CES and other global electronics exhibition and brought peripherals products with a full innovation for consumers around the world. Innovation leads to the development, fine workmanship creates quality. In the future, Rapoo will continually make R&D strength, increase innovation force as well as speed up the internationalization to strive to provide more amazing products for consumers at home and abroad.